Personal Training:


The Phoenix Project Austin offers 1 on 1 training and 2 on 1 private training. These training sessions are 30 minutes long with a Certified Personal Trainer. The workout is customized and tailored to fit your goals. The session will have a strength training focus. 

Group Fitness Classes:


The Phoenix Project Austin offers small group fitness classes with a strength training focus. Because our class sizes are small, you will receive individualized attention. Our trainers provide a fun and healthy atmosphere with great energy in the gym!

Women's Powerlifting Crew:


The Phoenix Project Austin offers women's powerlifting crews. Powerlifting is an individual sport but you will be lifting with a team. A supportive, fun and strong team. If you're not strong or if you don't think you're strong, The Phoenix Project will help you not only gain confidence but gain strength. These are crews are fun but they also mean business. The ladies are here to work!