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I began painting in 2002, after making it to the other side of “a dark night of the soul.” I found that where words failed me, color and abstract form could readily express my feelings and emotions.

With my training in energetic therapies, I find color to be an effective way to tap into our inner world; and painting seems to be a fluid way for our souls to communicate with us. I have had no formal art training; however, by smearing paint on canvass, I found so much life and motion in what was created.

The “pouring” technique has become my favorite way to paint. The final product is always magical surprise and this technique takes very little skill to create a fascinating painting. The “art” is in blending the colors and moving them around the canvass in a fashion that allows the subtleties to reveal themselves...much like life!

Amy Randolph
Julie Foreman

Artist Bio

As a speech language pathologist by day, owner Julie Foreman has always had a passion and love for expression and communication. She discovered a desire to learn and discover floral design because it is the perfect opportunity to combine her love and appreciation for flowers and communication. Custom floral designs are the perfect way to express a variety of emotions and to reflect people for who they are. This point is integrated into each piece of work that Julie creates.

Julie has been designing since 2012 and has the continual opportunity to fall more in love with and develop designing skills through a variety of hands-on experiences and completing floral design classes through Austin Community College. She is excited and honored for Merci Bouquet to have the opportunity to be a part of your opportunities of expression.

Artist Bio

Jonathan Biehl is an Austin based fine art painter. His work “reveals the beautiful residue of many processes. He has made careful decisions about what to cover and what to show. Scratch marks, brush strokes, and colors that fade and resound with varying intensity come together in his images portraying introspective, abstract figures and panoramic layered cityscapes.”

Jonathan’s paintings and illustrations hang in homes and offices across the U.S. and his painting titled ‘OMAS’ can be seen on ABC’s hit show American Crime Season 2.

Visit his website at

Follow him on Instagram: jbiehlart  or  Facebook: jonathan.biehl.56

Jonathan Biehl

The Phoenix Project Austin
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