AMAZING PEOPLE. Great space. Great vibes. Intense workouts. I've been powerlifting with the Phoenix Project Austin since the beginning, and I only get stronger, feel better, and have a great time during an awesome workout. The coaches know how much to push you and when to reel you back in--and my numbers are climbing. The staff as well as the clients are nothing but strong, smart, and supportive. No matter what your goals are or where you're at physically, they get you there in a safe and healthy way. I used to be just a big person. Now I'm strong as all get out, and not only do I keep coming back, but nothing could keep me away.

Courtney M.

Austin, Texas


I've been in the health and fitness professional for a long time now and I can honestly say that Franki is one of the best trainers I have known. I've trained with her, coached with her and competed with her. I know her main passion is empowering others through health, fitness and strength training and she will do everything in her power to make sure you're successful. Try out The Phoenix Project. You won't be disappointed.

Jade M.

Austin, Texas


I've been doing remote programming for a bit over a month and I'm impressed. For my first few sessions, coach Franki assessed my strengths and weaknesses, checked and fixed my form and has helped me get stronger while working around an old shoulder injury. My grip is stronger, my numbers are increasing slowly and overall I'm getting in better shape.
Needless to say, I signed up for a 2nd month and probably a 3rd one, as I hope to keep seeing great results. I've sent coach Franki my lifting videos, and she has provided sound advice and has modified my training accordingly. If you want to lose weight, get stronger or even compete for powerlifting in the long run, Franki is the coach to have.
If I lived in Austin, I would take advantage of the coaching in person, but the remote is just as good if you are a committed individual, and live out of town.

Yanis R.

Houston, Texas