Why Strength Training?

I have clients that consistently tell me that they're personal and professional lives are better bc of their time spent in the gym. Female clients tell me they feel empowered when they lift heavy weights. Empowered in their lives OUTSIDE the gym. Their time with their kids is more valuable, more energetic. What does that mean? It's powerful to hear that. It's powerful to witness this kind of transition in people. It's powerful to be one of these women.

I've strength trained on and off throughout my entire life. In the past five years, it's been much more consistent. Just in the past year, it's been intentional and with a distinct purpose. My purpose is mine and irrelevant to this article; yet, intent and the "why" behind what I do are my driving forces in my every day actions and my successes.

Lifting weights in the gym is fun. I take that back. It's not fun. It's down-right hard. And uncomfortable. And sometimes painful. The look back on a training session is fun. The euphoric feeling of knowing I just busted my ass for a PR is fun. The recollection of pushing a lot of weight around is fun. Fun meaning cool. Fun meaning fulfilling. Fun meaning empowering.

But where does this strength go? I've never, for once, believed it goes only to the muscles in my body. I've witness, firsthand, that it transfers to different states of being. Since consistently strength training, my mental and emotional strengths have exponentially grown, more so than my physical strength. I've overcome mental barriers with personal situations far better than I have in the past. I've grown in personal development, how I react with people, confidently go in the direction of my dreams and goals, and walk happily in my own path. Not giving credit to the work I put into the gym would be untrue and simply disrespectful. Anyone that has strength trained understands the diligence and discipline it takes AND what it gives oneself inside and outside of the gym. It's proven that strength training is one of the best ways to be physically fit, inside and out. So maybe it's time you give it a try...


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