Vision of The Phoenix Project

The Essence of the Phoenix and what it symbolizes feels like it’s explaining me and what I’ve been through. Through my own journey there have been 4 pillars and passions I’ve been lucky to experience and each phase of the Phoenix project represent those - Health, Creativity, Learning and Healing

The Phoenix Project is comprised of these 4 different phases. Each part of the project reflects aspects of integral parts of what makes us whole. What is up and running now is the health and fitness portion. We’ve got our own training studio focusing on strength training and the sport of Powerlifting. The gym has been open since June of 2017 but the community has been built since the summer of 2016. And we are loving our new home!

The second phase of the project is about art and creative expression. We will be giving artists a platform to showcase their own work in the Phoenix project art gallery. I’m so excited to provide this non-traditional space for artists that may not have space or the ability to show their work. As said, there will be a gallery as well as art classes offered. We will be offering classes for fun ways to express yourself as well as learning about new art mediums with which you may not have much experience. We have our first artist ready for display. She is also our first facilitator for art classes. Details are coming soon about art classes and how to sign up!

Also, stay tuned to see what Phases 3 and 4 are all about!

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